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42 Ways to Improve your Well-being - coming soon

From my own experiences I wanted to share my life hacks for being happier, more centred and more in charge of my own well-being. Look out for this on Amazon soon. 

Waiting for September - Buy it now!

Sometimes a week changes your life. Ollie Jones has been waiting for a new start for a long time. Trapped in a life of school, family and friends, a new job at the local leisure centre offers swimmer Ollie a new start. With the support of best friend Jenny, he embarks on a week that will change him forever when he meets his new boss Pete. With warmth and humour, this gay coming of age story shows the importance and dangers of taking the plunge.

Ollie Jones stories - 2!

Writing a book is like climbing a mountain but I'm determined to write a sequel to Waiting For September - there's more of Ollie Jones's story to tell. Can't wait to get it planned out and written!

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