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My name's Matt. And I'm a writer. ("Hi Matt")

I was born in the 1980s, in Staffordshire in the Midlands in the UK. I still live there and outside of writing I work in the dizzy world of marketing. I love it and I consider myself to be an introverted optimist. I'm a gay writer and I'm interested in politics, cooking and lots of other stuff I'd love to write about. 

I've always read loads and been really interested in people and in the world, so I made it my goal for 2022 to really have a stab at writing and I did it! I've got a writer's Twitter account and now this site - go me!

I self-published 'Waiting for September' on Amazon; you can even get a paperback copy too. I am a paperback writer!

The book is the first of at least two and I hope to plan and write the sequel this winter. I've also got a wellbeing book on the way too. 

To keep myself honest I've added a blog section here too so you can get a feel for some of my interests. 

Take care, Matt. x 

Notebook and Pen
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